Universities in Estonia for Masters

Today, studying abroad is gaining popularity among students from Nigeria. This phenomenon is also called international studentship. In fact, studying in another country has many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to study the culture of a new country, to see what traditions exist in another state. Secondly, each country can present such achievements in science… Read More »

Study Medicine in Estonia

We know this state as a country where students from Nigeria can get a quality education. International students can receive a scholarship that will fully or partially cover the cost of education, and the standard of living in the country is very high. Among the various majors that you can study there if you are… Read More »

Best Schools in Estonia

The education system in Estonia has a high level of performance. Both residents and migrants from Nigeria say that the structure of education is well thought out and the quality of education is very high. In this article, we have gathered for you an overview of the education system in this European country, as well… Read More »

Become an International Student in Estonia

For the last 10 years, Estonia has been developing its education system and has already reached such a level that the country has become one of the most popular places for foreign students to study. In addition to a high level of knowledge and skills, the county offers modern technology, travel opportunities, and scholarships that… Read More »

Estonia Immigration

Estonia is a country that attracts tourists with its landscape, and is interesting for migrants because of its wide opportunities for self-development. This European country has everything you need for a comfortable life: infrastructure, digitalization, government cooperation with the population, etc. Migrants are welcomed here. The country opens its doors to those who can contribute… Read More »

Estonian Scholarship

A country with a high level of education will always be popular among foreigners from Nigeria who want to study there. Estonia is such kind of a country. The educational system of Estonia has absorbed the best experiences of Europe and combined it with cutting edge advances in technology. As of 2020, almost 6,000 international… Read More »

Estonia Visa Application in Nigeria

Lately, the residents of Nigeria started to go to Estonia more often. Their travel goals are different: some are tourists; others want to study or to work there. This raised the issue of obtaining a visa to Estonia. Nigeria is on the list of countries that must have a permit to enter the European Union,… Read More »

Estonia Embassy in Nigeria

An embassy is a diplomatic mission of one country to another one. It is usually located in the capital of the state but you can also see more than one office in a country. Here we talk about the Estonia embassy in Nigeria. Estonia Embassy in Nigeria This country has diplomatic missions in many states,… Read More »