Become an International Student in Estonia

By | November 11, 2020

For the last 10 years, Estonia has been developing its education system and has already reached such a level that the country has become one of the most popular places for foreign students to study.

In addition to a high level of knowledge and skills, the county offers modern technology, travel opportunities, and scholarships that fully or partially cover the cost of training.

Benefits of Studying in Estonia

If you are still not sure you should come from Nigeria to receive an education there, here are the benefits of education in Estonia.

High Quality of Education

These are not empty words, because the level and quality of education there is really very high, and the percentage of employment after university reaches 80 percent. Students spend a lot of time studying because if you do not deliver all tasks, there will be consequences up to expelling.

Practical skills are taught here. Even if you learn a theoretical course, you will apply the knowledge you get in practice.


In this country, education is one of the main points of expenditure from the state budget, so universities have big investments. Besides, among graduates and wealthy people, it is considered prestigious to help educational institutions.

Financial revenues have made it possible to turn universities into high-tech buildings equipped with the advanced technologies needed for learning. If you study medicine in Estonia, you will be able to use the best microscopes and other equipment; advanced language laboratories have been set up for linguists, etc.

Free Choice of Activities

There is a wide range of free extracurricular activities for students. You can choose any activity available even if it is not connected to the major you are studying. Students from Nigeria can also attend paid city events free of charge if they are organized by the city or state government (if it is a concert of performers or an event organized by a private person, you will surely have to pay).

It is also important that only a few subjects are compulsory, so students from Nigeria can make their own schedule.


The country surprises with its history and nature, so the tourism infrastructure here is very developed. Students from Nigeria have big discounts on transportation, accommodation in some hotels, and many universities arrange student trips, which are generally very cheap.

This allows you not only to come from Nigeria to learn in Estonia but also to travel around the country as well as some more European countries.

Transparency of the Process

The Estonian education system is transparent and the process of applying to the university is very simple. The staff is always ready to help and explain everything that interests you.

The whole learning process is easy. If you need to get a certificate from the place of education, or any other official document, it will not take much time.

Live and Work in Estonia

We would also like to talk in detail about the features of living and working if you are a student from Nigeria.


If you are a Nigerian studying in Estonia, you will be surprised by the level of digitalization, which will make your life as a student easier. There is a Wi-Fi connection everywhere you may go, so you may even need to connect to the Internet network at your place of residence.

Almost every activity may be done on your smartphone: starting with buying a cinema ticket and finishing with acquiring an official document.

Student Discounts

The country offers a lot of discounts for students from Nigeria. You can learn about them at your university just by asking your fellow students who are natives or addressing university administration.

Safety of Life

When you come to study in Estonia from Nigeria, you will be astonished by the safety of life. You can be outside at any time of the day or night and not be afraid of those who may insult you, steal something from you, or harass you.

There are many surveillance cameras around the country that guarantee you full-time security. Maybe, you will then bring this policy to Nigeria.


There are various events held for international students from Nigeria. Numerous organizations arrange different activities to help international students get used to the country and integrate with natives. For example, you can take part in an excursion, trip, quiz tournament, visit to a company, etc.

Here we would advise you to learn Estonian, although it is not required for admission (you cannot study in Estonia without IELTS or TOEFL if you are from Nigeria, but the state language is not obligatory).

Cost of Life

It may not be very cheap to live there for those who come from Nigeria, but as you get student discounts, it is possible to live to the fullest. You can get a room in a campus as an international student, which is cheaper than renting a flat. Besides, you can find a job.

Work for International Students

If you want to study in Estonia and work at the same time, it is possible for you to combine. International students from Nigeria are not required to have an additional work permit as long as your job doesn’t affect your studying.

We advise you to consult your university administration about work opportunities because there are recruitment events where you can find the best option for you.

Requirements to Study in Estonia

To study there, you need to apply for admission to the university, pass exams, and obtain a temporary residence permit.

We recommend reading the admission details on the university’s website, as well as on the website of the Belgian Embassy in Nigeria because this embassy is the official representative office of Estonia in Nigeria.


You may also receive a scholarship that will cover all or part of your tuition and daily expenses. There are scholarships available for undergraduates, masters, and postgraduate study in Estonia. Read about the package of documents required for admission on the websites of universities, but if you want to know how to gain scholarship to study in Estonia, here is the general information.

  1. Choose an educational establishment in which you want to receive an education.
  2. Collect the documents. It is important to start doing that in advance because you may need to wait to obtain some documents in Nigeria.
  3. Prepare for entering exams. Students obtain scholarships according to the results of their exams, so it is crucial to be prepared.
  4. Wait for results.

To be more prepared, we suggest that you read some blogs about how to study in Estonia which are written by those who have lived through the experience. We hope our detailed information about the benefits of studying and living in Estonia has convinced you that this country is the best option for those living in Nigeria!