Best Schools in Estonia

By | November 11, 2020

The education system in Estonia has a high level of performance. Both residents and migrants from Nigeria say that the structure of education is well thought out and the quality of education is very high.

In this article, we have gathered for you an overview of the education system in this European country, as well as examples of the best educational schools across the country. This will be useful for all migrants from Nigeria, so read on!

Schools in Estonia

According to the Ministry of Education and Research of the country, the system of education is divided into basic, professional, and additional education.

Basic education consists of nursery, kindergarten, and school. The last branch is also divided into primary, secondary, and high establishments. We will talk about this level more.

Universities give professional education. You obtain professional skills to be able to work in the future. We will give examples of the best universities.

Additional education is for adults who want to improve their knowledge or obtain a new qualification. On this level, you can find various specializations, like culinary or aviation training centers.

List of Schools in Estonia

Here is the list of the best educational establishments in this country for different levels and purposes that you may need if you come from Nigeria.

Elementary Schools in Estonia

International S. of Tallinn

This institution has the best rates among parents of children attending it. Its goal is to support the holistic development of students. Since the institution is international, students of different nationalities can study here. Although the fee is €670, it is considered to be one of the cheapest schools in Estonia for international students.

Be ready to be engaged in the life of the institution because all parents and staff work together. If you are from Nigeria, it may seem strange to see the system where parents can express their thoughts about improving the educational methods. However, it is a widespread method in the EU that parents influence the learning process.

Tallinn European

This establishment is good for migrants from Nigeria because it offers a multilingual education. Even though the languages are mostly European, it still offers you a wider choice than just English.

In Tallinn European, you have access to numerous extra-curriculum activities at the institution itself. It is also great for people from Nigeria because you do not have to go around the city looking for out-of-class occupations for children.

Tallinn European is also one of the high schools in Estonia where international students can easily adapt to education.


If we talk about schools in Estonia for masters, we must know that there you can find more opportunities for international students.

Tallinn University

This university offers a wide range of courses and programs both for license and master’s degrees. If you are from Nigeria, you can list it as one of the cheap schools in Estonia because you can get a scholarship that will cover your educational expenses.

University of Tartu

This one is a classic university, which means it provides you with the highest level of professional knowledge and skills. Scholarships for international students from Nigeria are also available, but it is more difficult to get them because there are more applicants from all around the world.

Academy of Arts

For creative personalities, there is the Academy of Arts, which is one of the most affordable schools in Estonia for masters. You can obtain qualifications in architecture, art, and design.

Additional Education

The last point of our review is additional education. This is the most popular way to gain new skills among adults.

They are especially in demand among migrants, in particular from Nigeria, as education is provided in different languages. In addition, many of these institutions work with employers, and you can get a job right away.


Located in Tallinn, this establishment is the best among culinary schools in Estonia. You can try yourself in different styles of cooking as well as in the role of a waiter or a waitress. It promises employment for the best graduates, so it is a great way to get a job for migrants from Nigeria. Fees are around €1,000 per course.

Aviation Academy

Here you can get an education in the fields of air traffic services, aircraft piloting, aviation management, and aeronautical engineering. Aviation Academy is the most popular one among aviation schools in Estonia.

The problem is that the programs are taught in the Estonian language, so you need to comprehend the language. However, learning the language is worth it because you will get a prestigious and highly paid job, which is important for migrants from Nigeria.

Here is the whole list we wanted to show you. When planning to migrate from Nigeria, study in detail the city where you will live and choose the best educational establishments for you.