Estonia Immigration

By | November 11, 2020

Estonia is a country that attracts tourists with its landscape, and is interesting for migrants because of its wide opportunities for self-development. This European country has everything you need for a comfortable life: infrastructure, digitalization, government cooperation with the population, etc.

Migrants are welcomed here. The country opens its doors to those who can contribute to its well-being. Nigeria is one of the countries with which this state cooperates because Nigeria trains good specialists that Europe needs.

How to Migrate to Estonia?

It is not difficult to go to this country from Nigeria, although, of course, you need to have good reasons for it. When it comes to a tourist visit, it is much easier than getting a residence permit, but we advise that before you immigrate to Estonia from Nigeria, you should go there as a tourist to make sure you feel comfortable in this country.

Estonia Immigration Program

There are five main ways to get a residence permit if you are from Nigeria: marriage, entrepreneurship, employment, education, and buying real estate. Let’s go one by one in detail.

Family Immigration to Estonia

Family immigration does not mean that it is easier to move with the whole family than just by oneself. It means that a person who has family relations to a legal citizen of the country can obtain a permit. To use this path, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  1. Be officially married to a citizen of the country and have documents proving it. It may happen that you will need to confirm the marriage was not arranged for immigration purposes, so additional information, such as photos of your couple for the last few years, may be useful.
  2. Be a child of a resident of the state. This is most often a union when a man or woman has children from their first marriage.
  3. Have an official guardian who is a citizen or a person with a residence permit in the country. This applies to cases of adoption of children from abroad.
  4. If children cannot receive certain treatment or care in their home country, in our case in Nigeria, their parents or grandparents are entitled to a residence permit.

How to Move Your Family with You?

If you already have a residence permit in Estonia and want to take your family from Nigeria with you, you will need to do some important things.

Firstly, prepare official marriage documents and birth certificates of your children issued in Nigeria. Secondly, undergo a full medical examination in Nigeria and obtain the European health insurance for each family member. Thirdly, confirm that your income will be enough to support the whole family, as well as provide documents of residence confirming that the whole family can live there.


It is important to note that this path to obtaining a residence permit is not reliable. EU countries are not in favor of immigration using family ties, so if you have the opportunity to use another method, we recommend that you do so.

We also suggest you read the Family Reunification Law to get full information about immigration from Nigeria.

Business Estonia Immigration Permanent Resident

The next way to become a citizen of Estonia if you are from Nigeria is to start a business on its territory. It should be noted at once that this can be used only by those who are citizens of the European Economic Area, which Nigeria, unfortunately, does not belong to.

However, the country welcomes everyone who will contribute to the development of the country, so if you can present your project and business plan in a way that proves its significance, you can continue with immigration.


You need to participate in a company or invest in business activity with at least €65,000 (the figure is lower for self-employed people, €16,000). The business plan must be presented in English or Estonian and include name and registry code of the company, detailed business idea, financial forecast, CVs of all employers, and cover letter with motivation for applying.

It is important to have medical insurance and a place of residence in the country, as well as copies of official documents proving this.

We suggest you consult the Residencies.IO for more information concerning immigration from Nigeria.

Work Immigration to Estonia from Nigeria

Immigration from Nigeria because of work is one of the best ways to get a residence permit. Let’s look at the process of Estonia immigration.

  1. Employment contract

You need to find a job and go through the employment process because you need to have documents proving your employment.

  1. Place of Residence

Find a place where to live and sign a contract with a landlord.

  1. Insurance

Obtain a health insurance and sign a contract with a hospital.

  1. Residence Permit

When you have all the necessary documents, you can apply for a residence permit. Then you will receive instructions for further actions, for example, on the registration of your family members.

Look for more information and also get advice on Work Estonia.

Migrate to Estonia after Studying

To obtain a residence permit after studying in the country, you need to continue your studies at the next level or get a legal job.

The first step you need to take in Nigeria is to get a student visa because you will not be able to get a residence permit through your studies if you have not been issued a visa before.

The advantage of this method is that at the time of applying for a residence permit, you are already in the country and not in Nigeria, so you can consult with the local authority responsible for issuing a residence permit.

The advantage will be an international certificate of your English skills. This is not required, but may be useful. What is the minimum score in IELTS for immigration to Estonia? Well, five points as an average result, which is B1 Intermediate level.

Requirements for Immigration to Estonia Through Real Estate

This method is popular among wealthy foreigners because the cost of real estate in the country is higher than in Nigeria. In addition, simply buying real estate is not a sufficient reason to obtain a residence permit.

Owning a property greatly simplifies the process, as well as shortens the period that you need to live in the country before obtaining a permanent residence permit. Read more about buying real estate on the Guarcan website.

How to Arrange Proof of Funds for Estonia Immigration?

One of the main requirements for obtaining a residence permit is the provision of proof of funds.

You need to have money available to use, so you can’t indicate your real estate property in proof of funds. If your family is staying in Nigeria, you must either be able to support them if no one is working there, or provide proof of their funds as well. If your family is going to come with you, you can include the income of all in the proof of funds, both yours and other members’.

What Should Be Stated in the Document?

The proof of funds is an official document issued by the bank where your savings are. It should include:

  1. information about a bank institution;
  2. your name;
  3. credit cards and loans you have;
  4. investments accounts;
  5. account numbers and opening dates;
  6. current balance;
  7. certificate of balance for the past 6 months.

Estonia Immigration News

If you are planning immigration to the EU country, you should check news about the immigration process very often. The best website for that goal is Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission. If you want to read a more detailed Estonia immigration website, visit EU Immigration Portal.

Other great sources of news and information and news are Republic of Estonia Ministry of the Interior, Aliens Act of EU, and Police and Border Guard Board.

So, we have provided you with basic information on how to move from Nigeria to Estonia. We encourage you to be careful and check everything several times to avoid problems.