Estonia Visa Application in Nigeria

By | November 11, 2020

Lately, the residents of Nigeria started to go to Estonia more often. Their travel goals are different: some are tourists; others want to study or to work there.

This raised the issue of obtaining a visa to Estonia. Nigeria is on the list of countries that must have a permit to enter the European Union, and since Estonia is a member of the EU, a permit is required to enter that country.

Why Is Estonia Popular?

Firstly, tourism in this country is very developed. The territory of Estonia is very small, and in almost every big city, you can find something interesting. Modern spa hotels are located far from the shore, and the coast has a well-developed infrastructure for beach vacations.

Secondly, this country is a great place for international students. The educational system offers many scholarships and provides classes in English. All universities are equipped with modern research laboratories.

Employment here is popular because the country offers numerous vacancies. The country’s infrastructure is developing so fast that there is a shortage of labor force, so attracting foreigners to work is very profitable.

Estonia Visa Application in Nigeria

However, no matter what purpose you go to this state for, you need a visit approval. Let’s see what the requirements for Estonian visa in Nigeria are.

Estonia Visa Application Center in Nigeria

The first thing you need to know is that there is no Estonian Embassy in Nigeria and you need to apply for a visa through the Belgian embassy. You can find Estonia visa application centre in Lagos, Nigeria (VFS Global, Ground Floor Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase I), and in Abuja (Sterling Bank Plaza, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District).



Documents Required

The requirements for travel, study, and work permit in Nigeria are different, but there is a list of documents required for any of them:

  1. application form (you can download it on the website of the Belgium embassy);
  2. two passport-format photos;
  3. passport and previous visas copies;
  4. medical insurance of minimum €30,000 coverage;
  5. cover letter (explaining the purpose of your trip);
  6. copy of return-ticket reservation;
  7. copy of your accommodation reservation;
  8. documents of your civil status;
  9. certificate of income.

Application Form

We would like to dwell in more detail on the first document in the list, online Estonia visa application form in Nigeria. It has 37 sections that you have to answer.

Sections 1-3 ask for your surname, first name, and a surname at birth (for those who have changed the surname). Check and double-check that you have typed everything correctly because even one wrong letter may stop the procedure of your permit application.

In sections 4-7, you indicate date, place, and country of birth, as well as nationality.

Gender, civil status, and national identity number are required in sections 8-11.

Sections 12-17 ask about travel document type, number, issue and expiration date, and who it was issued by.

Be ready to fill the information about your home address, email, and telephone number in section 17, and about your residence in another country, if you have any. Here you will have to write every detail.

In parts 19-20, you are asked about your current occupation and employer or education institution (name, contact information, country of registration).

Sections 21-25 and 29-32 contain the information about your trip, like purpose, destination, length of stay, arrival and departure date, and your hosts.

Official information about fingerprints, expenses coverage, etc. is in sections 26-33. If it is your first visa application, your fingertips will be taken later in the embassy in Nigeria.

You will write about your family relations with someone who is a citizen of a country member of the EU in parts 34-35.

The last parts, 36-37, cover the formal information, like date of application and signature.

Additional Documents Required for Travel

  1. statement of income for the last 6 months;
  2. letter of invitation from family, friends, or the organization (if you are going with cultural purposes to a specific institution, for example, a museum).

Additional Documents Required for Study

  1. proof of enrollment to a university;
  2. financial sustenance;
  3. copies of all documents required by the university.

Estonia Work Permit Visa

  1. invitation letter from the company registered in Estonia;
  2. certificate of income you will have;
  3. proof of having a real estate property in Nigeria;
  4. other documents required by the company should be also presented when applying for a permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

As it is stated on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Estonia visa application fee in Nigeria is €60 for adults and €35 for kids 6-12 years, if it is a short-stay visit approval (less than 90 days).

If you need a permit for a longer period, the fee will be higher, around €100. However, you need to discuss the payment with your university or workplace (since you can obtain a long-stay visit approval only for studying and working purposes) because in many cases they pay for the permit.

Processing Time

Estonian visa in Nigeria processing time isn’t usual – the average is between 15 days and 4 weeks. Make sure you have enough time to wait for a visit approval.

If you are applying for a tourist permit, make the reservation so that you have time to wait for the visa. For those who go to study or work, you need to discuss the waiting time with your employer or the university administration because they will often wait for you before you get a visit approval.

It is also possible to track Estonia visa application in Nigeria online. You can do it through the VFS system. Just go to VFS Global and enter your data, which include the code and password you receive when making an application.

This was general information about the permit if you get them on a general basis. If you have exceptional circumstances, contact the Belgian embassy, which will provide you with detailed information.