Estonian Scholarship

By | November 11, 2020

A country with a high level of education will always be popular among foreigners from Nigeria who want to study there. Estonia is such kind of a country. The educational system of Estonia has absorbed the best experiences of Europe and combined it with cutting edge advances in technology.

As of 2020, almost 6,000 international students were studying at Estonian universities. In this article, we explain why students are so eager to study in this country, as well as what are the opportunities for scholarship in Estonia.

Advantages of Studying in Estonia

  1. The application process is very simple and described in detail on university websites. In addition, the staff is friendly and helpful in problem-solving.
  2. In this country, education requires a lot of time, which provides a high level of preparation after graduation.
  3. Universities do not experience the lack of the necessary equipment and the administration of educational institutions pays for licensed versions of all programs required for training.
  4. Students can choose the subjects they study among a wide range of possibilities. Many countries around the world have already implemented the same policy, but Nigeria still has mostly compulsory courses.
  5. The maximum possible time is allocated for practice. Of course, it all depends on the specialty because some are theoretical ones, but you definitely will not have a course where you only need to learn theory.

Estonian Scholarship

Last year, 12 percent of foreign students studied at Estonian universities; 62 percent of them were from third-world countries. This means that becoming a student in Estonia if you are from Nigeria is not only possible but also quite easy!

Estonia Scholarship for International Students

We will first look at the general requirements for students from Nigeria that you should think about before applying to your chosen university.

1.     Time Frame

You need to start thinking about applying for a grant in about a year in advance because the deadline for sending your application is in spring. In order to prepare all the documents you need to collect in Nigeria, you need to have a lot of time. You will know the results in June, which leaves you with about a month to obtain a visa and come to Estonia from Nigeria because in autumn the classes start.

2.     Temporary Residence Permit

If you want to have the Estonia university scholarship, you will have to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit. You can get it at the Embassy of Belgium in Nigeria.

The process is not complex. You will have to provide all necessary documents: application form that you will get at the Embassy, passport-format photos, copy of passport, medical insurance, proof that you have a place to live, proof that you are a student (you will have it after you got in), and copies of all documents required by the university.

3.     Documents Required by the University

  1. Certificate of education in Nigeria which would give you the opportunity to get an education in Estonia. The list of studied subjects, the received estimations are also included here.
  2. Certificate of English language proficiency. International tests IELTS and TOEFL are satisfactory, but you need to have a minimum of 5 in IELTS and 70 in TOEFL. However, you need to check the requirements of the university of your choice because some of them set additional exams for those who apply for a scholarship.

4.     Exams

If you want to get a scholarship for international students in Estonia, there are mandatory exams set by the university. Quite often they can be different from what you are used to in Nigeria, so check this before applying.

5.     State Language

It is not required to know the native language of Estonia, but it will be a privilege for you because you will be able to integrate better and have a richer experience.

Estonia University Scholarship

General entry requirements for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students are the same except some differences. For undergraduate scholarship in Estonia, students from Nigeria have to provide the school certificate; for a master’s degree, you will need to have your first graduation diploma; and PhD is available only after obtaining your master’s degree.

Best Universities

Here are the best universities that offer a scholarship in Estonia for developing countries, including Nigeria.

1.     University of Tartu

It is an example of a classic university, and it has the name of the National University of Estonia. It is considered to be the most prestigious university in Estonia. It offers various grants both for undergraduates and masters, as well as PhDs.

If you pass the entrance exams well, you can receive a full scholarship that will cover tuition and daily expenses, but not all students from Nigeria are lucky to have that chance. Most entrants receive a scholarship that covers the cost of tuition, while the daily expenses must be covered either by the parents (sending money from Nigeria), or by themselves (working in their free time).

Visit the website for more information:

2.     Tallinn Institute of Technology

It is another great institution for obtaining a scholarship if you are from Nigeria. Tallinn Institute is the only technical university in the country, and it offers the best equipment and practical courses. It accepts many students from Nigeria, so you should try it.

Visit their website to read more:

3.     Tallinn University

It is the best pick to apply for undergraduate scholarship in Estonia for those who are from Nigeria. It is a state research university in the country, one of the three largest higher educational institutions in the country.

It offers a wide range of educational programs you can apply for, and every one of them provides places for international students. However, you cannot know in advance whether you will have a full scholarship (covers both tuition fee and daily expenses) or a partial one (covers only tuition fee).

Read more on their website:

4.     Business School

It is a private institution, so it is more difficult to get a grant here, but it is still possible. EBS offers the best PhD business administration scholarships in Estonia because the institution has the best conditions for conducting the research required to obtain this degree.

In addition, this school offers exchange programs, so you can study at another institution, and take an internship lasting a semester here.

Learn more on the website:

5.     Academy of Arts

We want to finish our list with the Academy of Arts because it is the only university in the country that provides higher education degrees in art, design, and media; moreover, if you are from Nigeria, you can get a scholarship here that will cover all expenses.

However, be prepared for the fact that you will have to pass an exam that will check your level of creative skills, and it is always highly competitive.

Read about the programs on their website:

Remember that you can always consult the support service of the university you have chosen: you can find the phone number and email on the websites of the institutions.