Study Medicine in Estonia

By | November 11, 2020

We know this state as a country where students from Nigeria can get a quality education. International students can receive a scholarship that will fully or partially cover the cost of education, and the standard of living in the country is very high.

Among the various majors that you can study there if you are from Nigeria, medicine stands out as one of the best and most prestigious. Of course, there are not many medical schools in Estonia, but those that are functioning provide a very high level of knowledge and training.

Medical Schools in Estonia Requirements

If we talk about the application process, there are no specific requirements to study medicine in Estonia. The documents you need to provide are the same as for any other major you want to study.

However, the entrance exams are not the same. There will be no exams arranged by the medical school because you will need to pass the international SAT Subject Test in Biology.

Top Medical Schools in Estonia

Let’s look at the list of medical schools in Estonia that accept international students including the students from Nigeria. The list will not be long, but there are reasons for that.

This is a country where the quality of education that students receive is very high. Since medicine is one of the guarantors of the well-being of society, and medical professionals are responsible for the health and life of the whole country, the country’s authorities cannot allow the existence of the medical universities where the level of training would be low.

In this article, we will tell you only about those universities and colleges that have a state license to teach medicine.

University of Tartu

This university is considered to be the best one in the country. It offers a 6-year program in Medicine and promises to give students all the necessary competencies that will make them highly skilled doctors.

Students will be able to provide a high level of medical assistance because the curriculum is elaborated according to the latest medical achievements. You will get the opportunity to study using cutting-edge technology and attend lectures and practical courses by highly qualified professionals.

Application Process

The application system opens in January and lasts till April. In June, you receive results, and the academic year starts in September. However, you must collect all documents required before obtaining the results because you will have to receive a visa and a temporary residence permit in order to arrive at the campus from Nigeria before September.


As in other medical schools in Estonia, requirements for international students in the University of Tartu are the following:

  1. Higher secondary education. You need to provide the university with a certificate about high school graduation in Nigeria.
  2. SAT Subject Test in Biology with a minimum score of 680.
  3. Motivation letter. This point takes 30 percent of your entry score, so you need to pay attention to your motivation for studying medicine outside of Nigeria.


The tuition fee to study medicine is around €12,000. Moreover, the University of Tartu doesn’t offer scholarships for students from Nigeria.

However, it is one of the most affordable medical schools in Estonia because you can get a discount if you have high academic results.

Tallinn Health Care College

This is another option among the medical schools in Estonia where a student from Nigeria can study. However, the requirements are different from the University of Tallinn.

You will have to pass a Specialty Test, covering Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology, so you need to have a high level of knowledge before applying. There will also be an admission interview, where your vocational motivation, communication skills, and level of English will be assessed.


The tuition fee here is lower, only €5400 per year. It makes Tallinn Health Care College one of the cheap medical schools in Estonia for students from Nigeria.

This is where we will stop our list. It is not a big country, so there are not many medical schools, but a student from Nigeria can enter each of them.