Universities in Estonia for Masters

By | November 11, 2020

Today, studying abroad is gaining popularity among students from Nigeria. This phenomenon is also called international studentship. In fact, studying in another country has many benefits.

Firstly, it allows you to study the culture of a new country, to see what traditions exist in another state. Secondly, each country can present such achievements in science that are not yet available elsewhere. Thirdly, you can gain experience that will help you improve the well-being of your homeland, Nigeria.

Universities in Estonia for International Students

Estonia is one of the most popular countries for foreign students from Nigeria. This country offers a high level of education, a well-thought-out system, affordable prices, and a good standard of living.

In this article, we will tell you about the best universities in Estonia for masters from Nigeria, so read on!

Affordable Universities in Estonia

In general, tuition fees in Estonia are not high, so each of the universities can be called affordable. The average tuition fee per year is €1,700-2,000. Of course, you can find more expensive as well as cheaper schools.

Cheapest Universities in Estonia

Here are some of the best examples of cheap universities in Estonia for international students from Nigeria.

1.     Tallinn U.

Tuition fee: €900-2,000 per semester.

Advantages: The institution is located in the capital. It consists of six schools: humanities, law and society, digital technologies, governance, natural sciences and health, as well as film, media, arts, and communication. Besides, you get access to four research institutes, where you can use any equipment to conduct your research.

If you choose this establishment to pursue postgraduate studies, you should know that here you can get free education, because Tallinn University is one of the few free universities in Estonia for doctoral degree programs for students from Nigeria.

2.     University Nord Estonia

Tuition fee: starting from €1,660 per year.

Advantages: It is an establishment for research and receiving higher education. There are programs available for studying Architecture, Languages, Economics, History, Art and Design, Business, Medicine, etc.

This establishment accepts international students from Nigeria, but you need to show high results on entering exams. The main criterion for application is your motivation and entering exams, but the diploma of bachelor is also important.

3.     Estonia U. of Life Sciences

Tuition fee: €1,000-2,500 per semester.

Advantages: This establishment offers programs mostly in environmental and agricultural studies. You can conduct your research here because there is cutting-edge equipment. You can choose one of five institutes here: agricultural and environmental sciences, forestry and rural engineering, economics and social sciences, veterinary medicine and animal sciences, and technology.

This institution of Life Sciences offers scholarships for students from Nigeria that will let you study here almost for free. Look for more information about that on their website.

List of Tuition Free Universities in Estonia

It is not common in European countries to provide free education in universities, so it is a difficult task for students from Nigeria to find a free educational institution. However, it is possible.

Keep in mind that all free programs are only available in Estonian; therefore, you need to learn the language of the country while you are in Nigeria. Here are some useful sites to help you with this:

  1. Keeleklikk

Website: leklikk.ee/en

It is great for beginners because it is free and you can work with it alone.

  1. Loecsen

Website: loecsen.com/en

It is a free web portal, where you can listen to the recordings and work with them.

  1. Duolingo

Website: duolingo.com

It is a phone app, where you can learn any language by memorizing phrases, which you can later use in real conversation.

  1. Word Dive

Website: worddive.com/en

This web resource offers you to learn words, so it will be great to expand your vocabulary.

  1. 50 Languages

Website: 50languages.com

This web portal offers various articles on different topics, including grammar and topics for conversations. It will be very useful for those who already have basic knowledge of the language and can understand simple sentences.

Let’s talk about universities where you can apply for a free program taught in Estonian.

1.     U. of Tartu

You can apply to study at four faculties: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, and Science and Technology. However, the faculty of Medicine doesn’t provide free education, so you will have to pay for tuition.

There are a lot of applicants who choose this educational center, so you will have to show great results on entering exams if you are from Nigeria.

2.     Tallinn U. of Technology

If you have your bachelor’s degree in technology, you can apply for this institution. You can learn engineering, public administration, and business here.

For international students, in particular from Nigeria, the knowledge of the technical language is required. You will have a specific English test on technical vocabulary.

3.     Pallas U. of Applied Sciences

This establishment offers interesting courses, like Photography, Media and Advertisements Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Textile.

If you apply for this institution from Nigeria, it is important that you can be present during entering exams because these exams are held in the schools itself.

If you want to look at the list of all universities in Estonia, we suggest that you visit the website Free Apply: free-apply.com/en. Here you can find important facts about each establishment and links to their website. Good luck with your application!